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The American Founding Fathers put the First Amendment first, because freedom of expression lays the cornerstone for democracy. The internet promotes this ideal around the globe, and nowhere else to all people enjoy the obligation and privilege of unrestrained free speech more than on the worldwide web. Although web content sometimes challenges readers, listeners, and viewers to discriminate carefully among fact, opinion, and dogma, web users naturally understand the obligations and responsibilities that accompany freedom of expression. Hasulam-TV, an Israeli channel devoted to study of Kabbalah and Tora, takes freedom of thought and expression into the spiritual domain, offering teaching and guidance in its principles. One caution to prospective viewers: Hasulam-TV broadcasts and posts to its website in Hebrew. Hasulam-TV demonstrates how Kabbalah explores the universe and humankind’s place in it. Not a religion, Kaballah instead lays the ontological foundation for faith and belief, establishing each individual’s purpose for being and his or her relationship with the Creator. Watching Hasulam-TV, a novice may proceed steep by step through a series of basic programs initiating him or her into the practice. Then, advancing up “the ladder” with more specialized and challenging Hasuslam-TV videos and live broadcasts, a practitioner of Kabbalah may work toward spiritual perfection.

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