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Many people love watching documentary programs, especially those that have coverage of animals and the environment. This channel, like many other television channels, can be viewed for free by streaming to a computer or internet ready television set. Today we must pay particular attention to our environment and do our utmost to save this planet from destruction. EcoBulgaria TV is dedicated to showing what is possible to do in order to help our animals and all of nature from pollution. Watching programming about humans and animals, nature and our environment are always fascinating and educational and there is plenty of that type of television to be viewed on EcoBulgaria. All of the fine television programs supplied by EcoBulgaria can be watched over the internet, entirely for free, and at any time convenient for the viewer simply by live streaming the programs by way of either an internet connection on a computer or directly to an internet ready television such as can be purchased today. Enjoy the fine (and eco friendly programming) on EcoBulgaria TV now.

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