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Dawn News

English  |  News & Politics
As Pakistan’s first 24 hour a day English language news supplier, Dawn News supplies widespread coverage of current and important events as they are happening. A subsidiary of the Pakistan Herald Publications Limited or PHPL, the television station had the distinction of being the largest media group presenting its news in the English language 24 hours a day. Recently the channel was converted to a Urdu news channel transmitting on a shorter daily schedule. Lower numbers in viewership along with a financial crisis has caused the English news channel to pare back their cover and recently has been renamed Express 24/7. This is currently also the only English news language channel to be found in Pakistan. However, the channel is available through the internet with online streaming capability for foreign viewers and can be found on their web site. Pervez Musharraf who is the former President of Pakistan was responsible for launching Dawn News first transmission on May 25, 2007 and was first housed at Haroon House then moved to Karachi in West Wharf.

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