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English  |  News & Politics
Described as an informational station here in the Cape Coral Florida area, CCTV provides up to the minute info on all things of interest to the local citizenry. Look for access to the Board of County Commissioners because when they have meetings you can be there. City council meetings for Punta Gorda, meetings of the code enforcement board, as well as special documentary features plus news magazine stories which are timely, entertaining, and informative. Viewers can appreciate the access to educational videos, Public Service Ads, Army Newswatch, and plenty of historical as well as environmental programs that appeal to viewers of all ages. Charlotte County’s citizens are better informed and educated when they watch CCTV-20 every day because the goal is to provide a programming schedule that proves to be appealing to every one. If it’s appealing as well as news worthy, can be of benefit to Charlotte County’s citizens, and on the satellite it can be found on CCTV-20.

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