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Chinese  |  Film & Animation
CCTV4 is one of the five different CCTV channels or China Central Television Channels broadcast outside of main land China. It covers a vast array of programming schedules including, cartoon, documentaries, dramas, music, news, and sports. It can be viewed anywhere in the world via the internet or via cable or satellite programming like Dish Network, DirectTV, or Verizon FIOS for those who wish to view the programming outside of China. It has allowed for a similar daytime viewing schedule for viewers in different parts of the world, so that people can experience a similar viewing schedule as those in China would based upon daytime viewing habits. Three basic time allotments have been made to help achieve this ends. Feeds are broadcast on China Standard, Greenwich Mean, and Easter Standard times without any allowance for DST (Daylight Savings Time). The goal is to help Chinese travelling abroad to stay connected with their homeland in a multi-media fashion and allow them to feel less isolated as they live and travel around the world via programming in the Mandarin language of mainland China.

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