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Bayrak TV 1

Turkish  |  News & Politics
Bayrak TV 1, also known as BRT1 or BAYRAK HABER is news and sports TV channel of Bayrak Radio and Television Corporation. The channel is based in self-proclaimed Republic of Northern Cyprus and provides quality programming divided by three major directions. First one is dedicated to news and events coverage and represented by such thee programs: Açik S (Open S), Akşama Doğru (Towards The Evening), Ekonomi Gündemi (Economic Agenda), İşte O Bir Saat (At This Time), Öğle Ajansi (Lunch Agency), İş Yemeği (Business Lunch), Top 5 TRNC Plus, Güneyin Gündemi (South Agenda) Şamata Duraği (Stop Roaring), BRT Sabah Haber (BRT Morning News), and Sivil Toplum (Civil Society). The second group of programs aimed to sport fans and include: Football Santra, Futbol Zamani (Football Time), Spor Gündemi (Sports Agenda), Sports Speakers (Sports Reporters) nad Tele Football. The next BRT programs division covers major art and cultural aspects of Nothern Cyprus: Ara Bölge (Search Site), Beklerim Bir Tango (Looking For A Tango), Beklerim Bir (Brt Magazine), Düşünce Firtinasi (Mind Storm), Kibris BT (Cyprus CT), Mikrofon Sizde (Your Microphone), Reha Arar İle Turizm Söyleşileri (Reha Arar Talks About Tourism), ack To Health (Sağlik Olsun), Sanat Haber (Art News) and Tarih Konuşuyor (Talking History).

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