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The Andorran government and RTVA own La Tele or as it’s more popularly known, ATV and are dedicated to bringing a wide variety of entertainment television to the principality of Andorra. Beginning back on October 26th of 1989, when the General Council of Andorra agreed that Andorra should have its own national broadcasting station, and up to the actual start up date in 1995, the object was to bring good quality TV viewing to the people of Andorra and they have been hugely successful thus far. ATV offers a wide range of excellent programming including music, sports, magazine shows, and films. Also included in the daily fare are children’s programming such as Club Piolet. News is provided by ATV Noticies three times each day including bulletins aired at 13:45 and 21:00 then again at the close of broadcasting day around 23:45. Information pages are on display after close down each day and that means seven days each week, 24 hours of every day.

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