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Rookies and pros alike can appreciate just how lasting the sport of wrestling is. Bare chested men grappling for the perfect hold to pin their opponent down for the count are reminiscent of Gladiators from centuries ago. Crowds root and scream for their hero as they yell words of encouragement to their chosen contender. This program, from World Wrestling Entertainment (the WWE) takes us behind the scenes of professional wrestling and combines reality television with scripts taken from live events. Watch to see who will emerge as the next super star of the sport and who will fade away into obscurity if they can’t stand the heat of battle in the ring. Weekly matches and challenges test the skills and physical ability of rookies. Like other reality style shows they have to win contests and perhaps earn immunity from elimination in the next round. Contestants move up through the ranks much as they would in real competition but much faster through the magic of reality television. Winning contestants are usually rewarded with a career boost into stardom.
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S02:E02  Tue, June 15th, 2010    
Season 2 Episode 2: Tue, June 15th, 2010   
S01:E10  4-27-2010 - Tagging in Revenge    
Season 1 Episode 10: 4-27-2010 - Tagging in Revenge   

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