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Vegas On Demand

English  |  Sports
Ever wonder how Las Vegas Nevada came to be? How did this little desert town become the crown jewel of the gambling world and earn the nickname Sin City? Vegas On Demand is not a documentary program that shows the dirty little secrets behind all those bright neon lights but rather a showcase for all the excess and glitter that is found behind the scenes of each of Vegas’ bright attractions and hot sexy shows. Gambling is not the only attraction in this brightly lit town. It’s the place where even Elvis Presley came to make a comeback while others who are new at the game attempt to make a lasting impression. Vegas On Demand takes viewers to get a “fly on the wall” experience through observing how games like Blackjack are controlled by the eye in the sky and extensive security measures. It is a guilt free trip to Vegas where you don’t have to worry about throwing away your next house payment when Lady Luck fails to shine on you at the roulette tables or cause you to crap out when rolling the dice.

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