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Arguably television’s first monster hit in the reality genre, another British import that found its proper home in America, a cultural phenomenon in its first two years, “Survivor” may have evolved into a cruel double entendre: After a decade on the air, “Survivor” describes not only the cast’s situation but also the show’s stubborn capacity for hanging on to its place in the CBS line-up by the slimmest of slim threads. “Survivor” is the MySpace of its niche: Do people still go there? Dropped into exotic wilderness settings—places where their handhelds get absolutely no bars—contestants vie for cash and prizes. The last survivor goes home with a cool million American dollars. As the physical, psychological, emotional, and intellectual trials and tests develop, contestants vote one another out of the competition. For the first half of each season, would-be survivors compete in teams; in the second half, they go solo in a full-on destruction derby. Observant viewers discern “Survivor” depends more on workplace treachery than anything anyone might have learned in Boy Scouts or Campfire Girls. Tribes, challenges, alliances, and immunities prove the wilderness differs very little from everyday life in major American corporations—except the dress code encourages fashionable swimwear.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S22:E16  Redemption IslandNext Season Preview    
Redemption IslandNext Season Preview (0:59)   
S22:E15  Live Reunion Show    
Season 22 Episode 15: Live Reunion Show   
S22:E14  Seems Like a No-Brainer    
Season 22 Episode 14: Seems Like a No-Brainer   
Redemption IslandThe Jury SpeaksJulie (5:20)   
Redemption IslandRed Carpet InterviewRob (1:43)   
Redemption IslandDuel Preview (1:13)   
Redemption IslandThe Jury SpeaksAndrea (3:58)   
Redemption IslandFinal Prayer Preview (0:45)   
Redemption IslandPonderosa (Andrea Pt. 1) (3:58)   
Redemption IslandPonderosa (Andrea Pt. 2) (3:18)   
Redemption IslandPonderosa (Ashley Pt. 1) (4:46)   
Redemption IslandPonderosa (Ashley Pt. 2) (2:19)   
Redemption IslandPonderosa (Grant, Matt, Mike Pt. 2) (2:47)   
Redemption IslandAshley The Day After (6:49)   
Redemption IslandGrant The Day After (5:36)   
Redemption IslandMeso Maze (8:36)   
Redemption IslandA Numbers Game (6:16)   
Redemption IslandSecret SceneMatt & Mike (2:44)   
Redemption IslandThe Jury SpeaksAshley (6:17)   
Redemption IslandThe Jury SpeaksDavid (3:40)   
Redemption IslandThe Jury SpeaksGrant (4:25)   
Redemption IslandThe Jury SpeaksRalph (5:04)   
Redemption IslandMatt The Day After (6:19)   
Redemption IslandMike The Day After (7:47)   
Redemption IslandRites of Passage (11:55)   
Redemption IslandSecret SceneGrant (1:56)   
Redemption IslandThe Jury SpeaksMike (4:33)   
Redemption IslandRed Carpet InterviewAshley (2:06)   
Redemption Island Episode 14 Fantasy Recap (4:15)   
Redemption IslandAndrea The Day After (6:01)   
Redemption IslandNext Time OnEpisode 14 (0:25)   
Redemption IslandChallenge Preview (Ep. 14) (1:17)   
Redemption IslandPonderosa (Grant, Matt, Mike Pt. 1) (5:31)   
Redemption IslandThe Jury SpeaksSteve (5:50)   
Redemption IslandTribal Council 1 Voting (0:25)   
Redemption IslandTribal Council 2 Voting (0:25)   
Redemption IslandRedemption DuelA Leg Up (8:01)   
Redemption IslandSecret SceneFinal Three (2:09)   
Redemption IslandRed Carpet InterviewPhil (2:05)   
Redemption IslandRed Carpet InterviewNatalie (2:08)   
Redemption IslandRed Carpet InterviewMike (1:48)   
Redemption IslandRed Carpet InterviewMatt (1:52)   
S22:E13  Too Close For Comfort    
Season 22 Episode 13: Too Close For Comfort   
Redemption IslandSecret Scene Ralph (1:48)   
Redemption IslandBone To Pick (5:52)   
Redemption IslandIt (1:07)   
Redemption IslandPhillip Is Immature (2:50)   
Redemption IslandThe Tide Has Turned (3:05)   
Redemption IslandThey're Not Playing The Game (2:26)   
Redemption IslandWe're So Hungry (2:53)   
Redemption IslandBig Pain In My Ass (1:38)   
Redemption IslandDespicable Behavior (2:29)   
Redemption IslandDuel #10 (1:16)   
Redemption IslandEmotional At Duel (1:56)   
Redemption IslandI'll Shock Him (1:14)   
Redemption IslandI Want Back In The Game (1:16)   
Redemption IslandRalph The Day After (5:06)   
Redemption IslandPonderosa (Ralph Pt. 1) (3:55)   
Redemption IslandPonderosa (Ralph Pt. 2) (3:44)   
Redemption Island Episode 13 Fantasy Recap (2:43)   
Redemption IslandNext Time OnEpisode 13 (0:25)   
Redemption IslandPreviewToo Close for Comfort (1:12)   
Redemption IslandCan't Feel Sorry For Her (1:54)   
Redemption IslandLast Zapatera Standing (1:05)   
Redemption IslandTribal Council Voting (0:25)   
Redemption IslandRedemption DuelA Maze 'N Jig (5:37)   
Redemption IslandThe Best Reward (2:32)   
Redemption IslandPonderosa (Ralph Pt. 3) (1:18)   
S22:E12  You Mangled My Nets    
Season 22 Episode 12: You Mangled My Nets   
Redemption IslandLucky For Me (2:47)   
Redemption IslandPreviewYou Mangled My Nets (1:03)   
Redemption IslandPonderosa (Steve Pt. 1) (4:10)   
Redemption IslandPonderosa (Steve Pt. 2) (1:32)   
Redemption IslandAndrea's DadRoyal (1:40)   
Redemption IslandGood Morning (1:26)   
Redemption IslandGrant's Brother-in-lawStephan (4:50)   
Redemption IslandI Look Up To Rob (1:40)   
Redemption IslandI Would Have Hugged My Mother (3:14)   
Redemption IslandNatalie's MomTracie (1:14)   
Redemption IslandRedemption DuelRock Block (8:17)   
Redemption IslandSteve The Day After (6:16)   
Redemption Island Episode 12 Fantasy Recap (3:30)   
Redemption IslandRob's SisterHeather (1:27)   
Redemption IslandImmunity ChallengeStep On It (7:09)   
Redemption IslandAshley's MomTerri (1:51)   
Redemption IslandCool To Spend Time With My Dad (1:54)   
Redemption IslandFamily Visit (1:23)   
Redemption IslandMike's Decision (2:16)   
Redemption IslandSecret Scene Steve (1:52)   
Redemption IslandTribal Council Voting (0:25)   
Cyber Island Bonus Question Week 12 (0:32)   
S22:E11  A Mystery Package    
Season 22 Episode 11: A Mystery Package   
Redemption IslandNever Log Rolled Before (2:14)   
Redemption IslandRedemption DuelEnd Zone (7:08)   
Redemption IslandJulie The Day After (6:09)   
Redemption IslandIf You Mess With Me (1:17)   
Redemption IslandThe Fire Is Like A Woman (1:10)   
Cyber Island Bonus Question Week 11 (0:51)   
Redemption IslandPhillip's Shorts (1:06)   
Redemption IslandGiddy on Chocolate (2:54)   
Redemption IslandIndividual Game (2:02)   
Redemption IslandGlad It Wasn't Me (2:38)   
Redemption Island Episode 11 Fantasy Recap (2:59)   
S22:E10  Rice Wars    
Season 22 Episode 10: Rice Wars   
S22:E09  The Buddy System    
Season 22 Episode 9: The Buddy System   
S22:E08  This Game Respects Big Moves    
Season 22 Episode 8: This Game Respects Big Moves   
S22:E07  It Dont Take a Smart One    
Season 22 Episode 7: It Dont Take a Smart One   
S22:E06  Their Red-Headed Stepchild    
Season 22 Episode 6: Their Red-Headed Stepchild   
S22:E05  We Hate Our Tribe    
Season 22 Episode 5: We Hate Our Tribe   
S22:E04  Don't You Work For Me?    
Season 22 Episode 4: Don't You Work For Me?   
S22:E03  Keep Hope Alive    
Season 22 Episode 3: Keep Hope Alive   
S22:E02  You Own My Vote    
Season 22 Episode 2: You Own My Vote   
S22:E01  You're Looking at the New Leader of Your Tribe    
Season 22 Episode 1: You're Looking at the New Leader of Your Tribe   
S22:Video  Castaway Julie Wolfe Loses the Duel on Redemption Island    
Castaway Julie Wolfe Loses the Duel on Redemption Island (1:58)   
S22:Video  Redemption IslandRed Carpet InterviewAndrea    
Redemption IslandRed Carpet InterviewAndrea (1:17)   

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