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Richard Roeper & The Movies

English  |  Arts, Science & Culture
Want to know more about films scheduled in the cinemas? Want to know about them first? Do not miss your chance to hear an unbiased opinion about new movies from the mouth of the most prominent modern film critic Richard Roeper in his television show, Richard Roeper & The Movies. Richard presents information about the films both in intriguing and humorous manner. With newest episode of Richard Roeper & The Movies your choice will be made much easier and in more pleasant way: no matter if you are going to the cinema or buying a DVD. You can never go wrong with the choice if you spent a little time on Richard Roeper & The Movies.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S01:E90  All Good Things    
All Good Things (02:09)   
S01:E89  Black Swan    
Black Swan (02:19)   
S01:E88  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hal...    
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hal... (02:21)   
S01:E87  Unstoppable    
Unstoppable (02:14)   
S01:E86  Morning Glory    
Morning Glory (02:29)   
S01:E85  Due Date    
Due Date (02:26)   
S01:E84  127 Hours    
127 Hours (02:20)   
S01:E83  Hereafter    
Hereafter (02:05)   
S01:E82  Conviction    
Conviction (02:21)   
S01:E81  It's Kind of a Funny Story    
It's Kind of a Funny Story (02:33)   
S01:E80  Secretariat    
Secretariat (02:29)   
S01:E79  You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger    
You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (02:42)   
S01:E78  The Social Network    
The Social Network (02:49)   
S01:E77  You Again    
You Again (02:38)   
S01:E76  Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps    
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (02:54)   
S01:E75  The Town    
The Town (02:43)   
S01:E74  Jack Goes Boating    
Jack Goes Boating (02:29)   
S01:E73  Fall Preview 2010    
Fall Preview 2010 (03:08)   
S01:E72  Machete    
Machete (02:23)   
S01:E71  The Switch    
The Switch (02:44)   
Web Exclusive   
S01:E70  The Expendables    
The Expendables (02:30)   
Web Exclusive   
S01:E69  Eat Pray Love    
Eat Pray Love (02:54)   
Web Exclusive   
S01:E68  The Other Guys    
The Other Guys (02:49)   
S01:E67  The Other Guys - Full Episode   
Dinner for Schmucks (02:30)   
S01:E66  Dinner for Schmucks - Full Episode   
Interpreting Inception (03:53)   
S01:E65  Salt    
Salt (02:18)   
S01:E64  The Sorcerer's Apprentice    
The Sorcerer's Apprentice (01:37)   
S01:E63  Inception    
Inception (02:39)   
S01:E62  Roeper's Half Time Report - Full Episode   
Roeper's Half Time Report (04:20)   
S01:E61  The Twilight Saga: Eclipse    
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (02:42)   
S01:E60  Grown Ups    
Grown Ups (02:23)   
S01:E59  Knight and Day    
Knight and Day (02:04)   
S01:E58  Jonah Hex - Full Episode   
Jonah Hex (02:15)   
S01:E57  Toy Story 3    
Toy Story 3 (02:25)   
S01:E56  The Karate Kid    
The Karate Kid (02:04)   
S01:E55  The A-Team    
The A-Team (02:23)   
S01:E54  Get Him to the Greek    
Get Him to the Greek (02:36)   
S01:E53  Splice    
Splice (02:20)   
S01:E52  Prince of Persia    
Prince of Persia (02:24)   
S01:E51  Sex and the City 2    
Sex and the City 2 (02:31)   
S01:E50  "Lost" Finale    
"Lost" Finale (02:47)   
S01:E49  Robin Hood    
Robin Hood (02:24)   
S01:E48  Iron Man 2    
Iron Man 2 (02:29)   
S01:E47  Please Give    
Please Give (03:05)   
S01:E46  A Nightmare On Elm Street    
A Nightmare On Elm Street (02:37)   
S01:E45  The Back-Up Plan/The Losers    
The Back-Up Plan/The Losers (03:10)   
S01:E44  Avatar: DVD    
Avatar: DVD (02:35)   
S01:E43  Death at a Funeral    
Death at a Funeral (02:34)   
S01:E42  The Joneses    
The Joneses (02:20)   
S01:E41  Roeper's Quarterly Report    
Roeper's Quarterly Report (05:24)   
S01:E40  Date Night    
Date Night (02:59)   
S01:E39  Clash of the Titans    
Clash of the Titans (02:44)   
S01:E38  Hot Tub Time Machine    
Hot Tub Time Machine (02:39)   
S01:E37  Chloe    
Chloe (02:50)   
S01:E36  The Runaways    
The Runaways (02:25)   
S01:E35  The Bounty Hunter    
The Bounty Hunter (02:57)   
S01:E34  Remember Me    
Remember Me (02:45)   
S01:E33  Alice in Wonderland    
Alice in Wonderland (02:58)   
S01:E32  Brooklyn's Finest    
Brooklyn's Finest (02:47)   
S01:E30  Roeper's Oscar Predictions: Osca...    
Roeper's Oscar Predictions: Osca... (02:24)   
S01:E29  Roeper's Oscar Predictions: Best...    
Roeper's Oscar Predictions: Best... (02:35)   
S01:E28  Roeper's Oscar Predictions: Best...    
Roeper's Oscar Predictions: Best... (02:54)   
S01:E27  Roeper's Oscar Predictions: Best...    
Roeper's Oscar Predictions: Best... (02:26)   
S01:E26  The Ghost Writer    
The Ghost Writer (02:48)   
S01:E25  Cop Out    
Cop Out (03:23)   
S01:E24  Roeper's Oscar Predictions: Best...    
Roeper's Oscar Predictions: Best... (02:28)   
S01:E23  Roeper's Oscar Predictions: Best...    
Roeper's Oscar Predictions: Best... (02:42)   
S01:E22  The Good Guy    
The Good Guy (02:38)   
S01:E21  Shutter Island    
Shutter Island (02:43)   
S01:E20  The Wolf Man    
The Wolf Man (02:31)   
S01:E19  Valentine's Day    
Valentine's Day (02:47)   
S01:E18  From Paris With Love    
From Paris With Love (02:35)   
S01:E17  Dear John    
Dear John (02:29)   
S01:E16  When in Rome    
When in Rome (02:34)   
S01:E15  The Edge of Darkness    
The Edge of Darkness (02:16)   
S01:E14  Extraordinary Measures    
Extraordinary Measures (02:35)   
S01:E12  The Book of Eli    
The Book of Eli (02:03)   
S01:E11  Leap Year    
Leap Year (02:21)   
S01:E10  Daybreakers    
Daybreakers (02:01)   
S01:E09  Worst of 2009    
Worst of 2009 (04:49)   
S01:E08  Best of 2009    
Best of 2009 (05:54)   
S01:E07  Sherlock Holmes    
Sherlock Holmes (02:23)   
S01:E06  Nine    
Nine (02:13)   
S01:E05  Avatar    
Avatar (02:26)   
S01:E04  Invictus    
Invictus (01:48)   
S01:E03  Up in the Air    
Up in the Air (01:54)   
The Lovely Bones (02:01)   
S01:E02  Everybody's Fine    
Everybody's Fine (02:00)   
S01:E01  Brothers    
Brothers (02:16)   

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