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Outer Limits

English  |  Horror & Suspense
In each episode, “The Outer Limits” attempted to answer, “What is the nature of man?” Producers called their collection of stories, developed from radically different points of view but always mixing science fact with pseudo-science fiction and the occasional monster, an “anthology.” Regular viewers mostly called it “deliciously creepy,” indulging a natural tendency to compare it with its counter-part and sometimes rival “The Twilight Zone.” Unlike Rod Serling’s spine-tingling vignettes, though, “The Outer Limits” did not shy away from old-fashioned horror and raw sensation. “The Outer Limits” was as visceral as “The Twilight Zone” was cerebral. Many episodes dealt with time travel, stranding adventurers in threatening environments where their intellects and technology failed them, triggering their reversion to primitive states. Others explored the infinite possibilities for human evolution and mutation, all with emphasis on the most hideous possibilities. ABC aired “The Outer Limits” between 1963 and 1966; Showtime revived it in 1995, and the Sci-Fi Channel replayed all the episodes between 1999 and 2002. The complete “anthology” now is available on OnlineTVcast.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S07:E22  Human Trials    
Complete Season   
"Human Trials" Full Episode (43:57)   
Human Trials (43:57)   
S07:E21  The Human Factor    
Complete Season   
"The Human Factor" Full Episode (43:56)   
The Human Factor (43:56)   
S07:E20  Dark Child    
Complete Season   
"Dark Child" Full Episode (44:00)   
Dark Child (44:00)   
S07:E19  The Tipping Point    
Complete Season   
"The Tipping Point" Full Episode (43:55)   
The Tipping Point (43:55)   
S07:E18  Lion's Den    
Complete Season   
"Lion's Den" Full Episode (43:54)   
Lion's Den (43:54)   
S07:E17  Rule Of Law    
Complete Season   
"Rule Of Law" Full Episode (43:56)   
Rule Of Law (43:56)   
S07:E16  Abduction    
Complete Season   
"Abduction" Full Episode (43:58)   
Abduction (43:58)   
S07:E15  Time to Time    
Complete Season   
"Time to Time" Full Episode (43:55)   
Time to Time (43:55)   
S07:E14  Mindreacher    
Complete Season   
"Mindreacher" Full Episode (43:57)   
Mindreacher (43:57)   
S07:E13  Free Spirit    
Complete Season   
"Free Spirit" Full Episode (43:57)   
Free Spirit (43:57)   
S07:E12  Flower Child    
Complete Season   
"Flower Child" Full Episode (44:01)   
Flower Child (44:01)   
S07:E11  In The Blood    
Complete Season   
"In The Blood" Full Episode (43:59)   
In The Blood (43:59)   
S07:E10  Worlds Within    
Complete Season   
"Worlds Within" Full Episode (44:01)   
Worlds Within (44:01)   
S07:E09  Alien Shop    
Complete Season   
"Alien Shop" Full Episode (44:00)   
Alien Shop (44:00)   
S07:E08  Think Like A Dinosaur    
Complete Season   
"Think Like A Dinosaur" Full Episode (43:59)   
Think Like A Dinosaur (43:59)   
S07:E07  Replica    
Complete Season   
"Replica" Full Episode (44:01)   
Replica (44:01)   
S07:E06  Mona Lisa    
Complete Season   
"Mona Lisa" Full Episode (43:56)   
Mona Lisa (43:56)   
S07:E05  The Vessel    
Complete Season   
"The Vessel" Full Episode (43:58)   
The Vessel (43:58)   
S07:E04  The Surrogate    
Complete Season   
"The Surrogate" Full Episode (43:58)   
The Surrogate (43:58)   
S07:E03  A New Life    
Complete Season   
"A New Life" Full Episode (43:59)   
A New Life (43:59)   
S07:E02  Patient Zero    
Complete Season   
"Patient Zero" Full Episode (43:56)   
Patient Zero (43:56)   
S07:E01  Family Values    
Complete Season   
"Family Values" Full Episode (43:56)   
Family Values (43:56)   
S06:E22  Final Appeal, Part 2    
Complete Season   
"Final Appeal, Part 2" Full Episode (43:57)   
Final Appeal, Part 2 (43:57)   
S06:E21  Final Appeal, Part 1    
Complete Season   
"Final Appeal, Part 1" Full Episode (43:57)   
Final Appeal, Part 1 (43:57)   
S06:E20  Nest    
Complete Season   
"Nest" Full Episode (44:25)   
Nest (44:25)   
S06:E19  Zig Zag    
Complete Season   
"Zig Zag" Full Episode (44:27)   
Zig Zag (44:27)   
S06:E18  Something About Harry    
Complete Season   
"Something About Harry" Full Episode (44:26)   
Something About Harry (44:26)   
S06:E17  Gettysburg    
Complete Season   
"Gettysburg" Full Episode (44:26)   
Gettysburg (44:26)   
S06:E16  Revival    
Complete Season   
"Revival" Full Episode (44:24)   
Revival (44:24)   
S06:E15  The Grid    
Complete Season   
"The Grid" Full Episode (44:25)   
The Grid (44:25)   
S06:E14  Abbaddon    
Complete Season   
"Abbaddon" Full Episode (44:23)   
Abbaddon (44:23)   
S06:E13  Decompression    
Complete Season   
"Decompression" Full Episode (44:13)   
Decompression (44:13)   
S06:E12  Glitch    
Complete Season   
"Glitch" Full Episode (44:27)   
Glitch (44:27)   
S06:E11  Inner Child    
Complete Season   
"Inner Child" Full Episode (44:28)   
Inner Child (44:28)   
S06:E10  Down To Earth    
Complete Season   
"Down To Earth" Full Episode (44:25)   
Down To Earth (44:25)   
S06:E09  Stasis    
Complete Season   
"Stasis" Full Episode (44:26)   
Stasis (44:26)   
S06:E08  Simon Says    
Complete Season   
"Simon Says" Full Episode (44:25)   
Simon Says (44:25)   
S06:E07  Seeds of Destruction    
Complete Season   
"Seeds of Destruction" Full Episode (44:24)   
Seeds of Destruction (44:24)   
S06:E06  The Beholder    
Complete Season   
"The Beholder" Full Episode (44:25)   
The Beholder (44:25)   
S06:E05  Breaking Point    
Complete Season   
"Breaking Point" Full Episode (44:28)   
Breaking Point (44:28)   
S06:E04  Manifest Destiny    
Complete Season   
"Manifest Destiny" Full Episode (44:13)   
Manifest Destiny (44:13)   
S06:E03  Skin Deep    
Complete Season   
"Skin Deep" Full Episode (44:28)   
Skin Deep (44:28)   
S06:E02  The Gun    
Complete Season   
"The Gun" Full Episode (44:28)   
The Gun (44:28)   
S06:E01  Judgement Day    
Complete Season   
"Judgement Day" Full Episode (44:25)   
Judgement Day (44:25)   
S05:E22  Better Luck Next Time    
Complete Season   
"Better Luck Next Time" Full Episode (44:27)   
Better Luck Next Time (44:27)   
S05:E21  Star Crossed    
Complete Season   
"Star Crossed" Full Episode (44:25)   
Star Crossed (44:25)   
S05:E20  Fathers and Sons    
Complete Season   
"Fathers and Sons" Full Episode (44:27)   
Fathers and Sons (44:27)   
S05:E19  Stranded    
Complete Season   
"Stranded" Full Episode (44:27)   
Stranded (44:27)   
S05:E18  Essence Of Life    
Complete Season   
"Essence Of Life" Full Episode (44:27)   
Essence Of Life (44:27)   
S05:E17  The Inheritors    
Complete Season   
"The Inheritors" Full Episode (44:27)   
The Inheritors (44:27)   
S05:E16  Deja Vu    
Complete Season   
"Deja Vu" Full Episode (44:27)   
Deja Vu (44:27)   
S05:E15  The Haven    
Complete Season   
"The Haven" Full Episode (44:24)   
The Haven (44:24)   
S05:E14  Descent    
Complete Season   
"Descent" Full Episode (44:25)   
Descent (44:25)   
S05:E13  Summit    
Complete Season   
"Summit" Full Episode (44:25)   
Summit (44:25)   
S05:E12  Tribunal    
Complete Season   
"Tribunal" Full Episode (44:25)   
Tribunal (44:25)   
S05:E11  Ripper    
Complete Season   
"Ripper" Full Episode (44:27)   
Ripper (44:27)   
S05:E10  The Shroud    
Complete Season   
"The Shroud" Full Episode (44:25)   
The Shroud (44:25)   
S05:E09  What Will The Neighbors Think?    
Complete Season   
"What Will The Neighbors Think?" Full Episode (44:23)   
What Will The Neighbors Think? (44:23)   
S05:E08  Blank Slate    
Complete Season   
"Blank Slate" Full Episode (44:27)   
Blank Slate (44:27)   
S05:E07  Human Operators    
Complete Season   
"Human Operators" Full Episode (44:27)   
Human Operators (44:27)   
S05:E06  Joyride    
Complete Season   
"Joyride" Full Episode (44:26)   
Joyride (44:26)   
S05:E05  The Other Side    
Complete Season   
"The Other Side" Full Episode (44:14)   
The Other Side (44:14)   
S05:E04  The Grell    
Complete Season   
"The Grell" Full Episode (44:25)   
The Grell (44:25)   
S05:E03  Small Friends    
Complete Season   
"Small Friends" Full Episode (44:27)   
Small Friends (44:27)   
S05:E02  The Donor    
Complete Season   
"The Donor" Full Episode (44:27)   
The Donor (44:27)   
S05:E01  Alien Radio    
Complete Season   
"Alien Radio" Full Episode (44:23)   
Alien Radio (44:23)   
S04:E26  In Our Own Image    
Complete Season   
"In Our Own Image" Full Episode (44:24)   
In Our Own Image (44:24)   
S04:E25  Black Box    
Complete Season   
"Black Box" Full Episode (44:25)   
Black Box (44:25)   
S04:E24  Phobos Rising    
Complete Season   
"Phobos Rising" Full Episode (44:26)   
Phobos Rising (44:26)   
S04:E23  The Origin Of Species    
Complete Season   
"The Origin Of Species" Full Episode (44:24)   
The Origin Of Species (44:24)   
S04:E22  Balance Of Nature    
Complete Season   
"Balance Of Nature" Full Episode (44:25)   
Balance Of Nature (44:25)   
S04:E21  Promised Land    
Complete Season   
"Promised Land" Full Episode (44:26)   
Promised Land (44:26)   
S04:E20  Nightmare    
Complete Season   
"Nightmare" Full Episode (44:23)   
Nightmare (44:23)   
S04:E19  Sarcophagus    
Complete Season   
"Sarcophagus" Full Episode (44:27)   
Sarcophagus (44:27)   
S04:E18  Monster    
Complete Season   
"Monster" Full Episode (44:25)   
Monster (44:25)   
S04:E17  Lithia    
Complete Season   
"Lithia" Full Episode (43:59)   
Lithia (43:59)   
S04:E16  Final Exam    
Complete Season   
"Final Exam" Full Episode (44:23)   
Final Exam (44:23)   
S04:E15  Mary 25    
Complete Season   
"Mary 25" Full Episode (44:01)   
Mary 25 (44:01)   
S04:E14  To Tell The Truth    
Complete Season   
"To Tell The Truth" Full Episode (44:27)   
To Tell The Truth (44:27)   
S04:E13  The Joining    
Complete Season   
"The Joining" Full Episode (44:28)   
The Joining (44:28)   
S04:E12  Fear Itself    
Complete Season   
"Fear Itself" Full Episode (44:25)   
Fear Itself (44:25)   
S04:E11  The Vaccine    
Complete Season   
"The Vaccine" Full Episode (44:26)   
The Vaccine (44:26)   
S04:E10  Identity Crisis    
Complete Season   
"Identity Crisis" Full Episode (44:21)   
Identity Crisis (44:21)   
S04:E09  Glyphic    
Complete Season   
"Glyphic" Full Episode (44:27)   
Glyphic (44:27)   
S04:E08  Right Of Passage    
Complete Season   
"Right Of Passage" Full Episode (44:27)   
Right Of Passage (44:27)   
S04:E07  Josh    
Complete Season   
"Josh" Full Episode (44:26)   
Josh (44:26)   
S04:E06  Relativity Theory    
Complete Season   
"Relativity Theory" Full Episode (44:27)   
Relativity Theory (44:27)   
S04:E05  In the Zone    
Complete Season   
"In the Zone" Full Episode (44:12)   
In the Zone (44:12)   
S04:E03  Hearts and Minds    
Complete Season   
"Hearts and Minds" Full Episode (44:25)   
Hearts and Minds (44:25)   
S04:E02  The Hunt    
Complete Season   
"The Hunt" Full Episode (44:22)   
The Hunt (44:22)   
S04:E01  Criminal Nature    
Complete Season   
"Criminal Nature" Full Episode (44:27)   
Criminal Nature (44:27)   
S03:E18  A Special Edition    
Complete Season   
"A Special Edition" Full Episode (44:22)   
A Special Edition (44:22)   
S03:E17  Feasibility Study    
Complete Season   
"Feasibility Study" Full Episode (44:25)   
Feasibility Study (44:25)   
S03:E16  Bodies of Evidence    
Complete Season   
"Bodies of Evidence" Full Episode (44:12)   
Bodies of Evidence (44:12)   
S03:E15  Revelations of Becka Paulson    
Complete Season   
"Revelations of Becka Paulson" Full Episode (44:24)   
Revelations of Becka Paulson (44:24) -Outer Limits: Revelations of Becka Paulson   
S03:E14  Music Of The Spheres    
Complete Season   
"Music Of The Spheres" Full Episode (44:23)   
Music Of The Spheres (44:23)   
S03:E13  Dead Man's Switch    
Complete Season   
"Dead Man's Switch" Full Episode (44:32)   
Dead Man's Switch (44:32)   
S03:E12  Double Helix    
Complete Season   
"Double Helix" Full Episode (44:26)   
Double Helix (44:26)   
S03:E11  New Lease    
Complete Season   
"New Lease" Full Episode (44:22)   
New Lease (44:22)   
S03:E10  Awakening    
Complete Season   
"Awakening" Full Episode (44:24)   
Awakening (44:24)   
S03:E09  Tempests    
Complete Season   
"Tempests" Full Episode (44:26)   
Tempests (44:26)   
S03:E08  Heart's Desire    
Complete Season   
"Heart's Desire" Full Episode (44:24)   
Heart's Desire (44:24)   
S03:E07  The Camp    
Complete Season   
"The Camp" Full Episode (44:25)   
The Camp (44:25)   
S03:E06  Dark Rain    
Complete Season   
"Dark Rain" Full Episode (44:23)   
Dark Rain (44:23)   
S03:E05  Stream Of Consciousness    
Complete Season   
"Stream Of Consciousness" Full Episode (44:24)   
Stream Of Consciousness (44:24)   
S03:E04  Last Supper    
Complete Season   
"Last Supper" Full Episode (44:25)   
Last Supper (44:25)   
S03:E03  Re-Generation    
Complete Season   
"Re-Generation" Full Episode (44:27)   
Re-Generation (44:27)   
S03:E02  Second Thoughts    
Complete Season   
"Second Thoughts" Full Episode (44:23)   
Second Thoughts (44:23)   
S03:E01  Bits of Love    
Complete Season   
"Bits of Love" Full Episode (44:24)   
Bits of Love (44:24)   
S02:E22  The Sentence    
Complete Season   
"The Sentence" Full Episode (44:27)   
The Sentence (44:27)   
S02:E21  Vanishing Act    
Complete Season   
"Vanishing Act" Full Episode (44:22)   
Vanishing Act (44:22)   
S02:E20  Out Of Body    
Complete Season   
"Out Of Body" Full Episode (44:27)   
Out Of Body (44:27)   
S02:E19  Falling Star    
Complete Season   
"Falling Star" Full Episode (44:22)   
Falling Star (44:22)   
S02:E18  The Light Brigade    
Complete Season   
"The Light Brigade" Full Episode (44:12)   
The Light Brigade (44:12)   
S02:E17  Paradise    
Complete Season   
"Paradise" Full Episode (44:21)   
Paradise (44:21)   
S02:E16  The Deprogrammers    
Complete Season   
"The Deprogrammers" Full Episode (44:22)   
The Deprogrammers (44:22)   
S02:E15  Afterlife    
Complete Season   
"Afterlife" Full Episode (44:12)   
Afterlife (44:12)   
S02:E14  The Heist    
Complete Season   
"The Heist" Full Episode (44:27)   
The Heist (44:27)   
S02:E13  From Within    
Complete Season   
"From Within" Full Episode (44:28)   
From Within (44:28)   
S02:E12  Inconstant Moon    
Complete Season   
"Inconstant Moon" Full Episode (44:27)   
Inconstant Moon (44:27)   
S02:E11  The Refuge    
Complete Season   
"The Refuge" Full Episode (44:24)   
The Refuge (44:24)   
S02:E10  Worlds Apart    
Complete Season   
"Worlds Apart" Full Episode (44:22)   
Worlds Apart (44:22)   
S02:E09  Trial by Fire    
Complete Season   
"Trial by Fire" Full Episode (44:22)   
Trial by Fire (44:22)   
S02:E08  Straight And Narrow    
Complete Season   
"Straight And Narrow" Full Episode (44:24)   
Straight And Narrow (44:24)   
S02:E07  First Anniversary    
Complete Season   
"First Anniversary" Full Episode (44:21)   
First Anniversary (44:21)   
S02:E06  Beyond The Veil    
Complete Season   
"Beyond The Veil" Full Episode (44:27)   
Beyond The Veil (44:27)   
S02:E05  Mind Over Matter    
Complete Season   
"Mind Over Matter" Full Episode (44:12)   
Mind Over Matter (44:12)   
S02:E04  I Hear You Calling    
Complete Season   
"I Hear You Calling" Full Episode (44:27)   
I Hear You Calling (44:27)   
S02:E03  Unnatural Selection    
Complete Season   
"Unnatural Selection" Full Episode (44:21)   
Unnatural Selection (44:21)   
S02:E02  Resurrection    
Complete Season   
"Resurrection" Full Episode (44:27)   
Resurrection (44:27)   
S02:E01  Outer Limits - COMPLETE SEASON 2    
Complete Season   
"A Stitch in Time" Full Episode (44:23)   
A Stitch in Time (44:23)   
S01:E21  The Voice of Reason    
Complete Season   
"The Voice of Reason" Full Episode (44:27)   
The Voice of Reason (44:27)   
S01:E20  Birthright    
Complete Season   
"Birthright" Full Episode (44:27)   
Birthright (44:27)   
S01:E19  If These Walls Could Talk    
Complete Season   
"If These Walls Could Talk" Full Episode (44:30)   
If These Walls Could Talk (44:30)   
S01:E18  I, Robot    
Complete Season   
"I, Robot" Full Episode (44:17)   
I, Robot (44:17)   
S01:E17  The Message    
Complete Season   
"The Message" Full Episode (44:32)   
The Message (44:32)   
S01:E16  Caught In The Act    
Complete Season   
"Caught In The Act" Full Episode (44:31)   
Caught In The Act (44:31)   
S01:E15  The Voyage Home    
Complete Season   
"The Voyage Home" Full Episode (44:18)   
The Voyage Home (44:18)   
S01:E14  The New Breed    
Complete Season   
"The New Breed" Full Episode (44:28)   
The New Breed (44:28)   
S01:E13  Quality Of Mercy    
Complete Season   
"Quality Of Mercy" Full Episode (44:32)   
Quality Of Mercy (44:32)   
S01:E12  The Conversion    
Complete Season   
"The Conversion" Full Episode (44:26)   
The Conversion (44:26)   
S01:E11  Dark Matters    
Complete Season   
"Dark Matters" Full Episode (44:32)   
Dark Matters (44:32)   
S01:E10  Under The Bed    
Complete Season   
"Under The Bed" Full Episode (44:33)   
Under The Bed (44:33)   
S01:E09  Corner Of The Eye    
Complete Season   
"Corner Of The Eye" Full Episode (44:32)   
Corner Of The Eye (44:32)   
S01:E08  Living Hell    
Complete Season   
"Living Hell" Full Episode (44:31)   
Living Hell (44:31)   
S01:E07  Virtual Future    
Complete Season   
"Virtual Future" Full Episode (44:34)   
Virtual Future (44:34)   
S01:E06  The Choice    
Complete Season   
"The Choice" Full Episode (44:32)   
The Choice (44:32)   
S01:E05  White Light Fever    
Complete Season   
"White Light Fever" Full Episode (44:28)   
White Light Fever (44:28)   
S01:E04  The Second Soul    
Complete Season   
"The Second Soul" Full Episode (44:35)   
The Second Soul (44:35)   
S01:E03  Blood Brothers    
Complete Season   
"Blood Brothers" Full Episode (44:30)   
Blood Brothers (44:30)   
S01:E02  Valerie 23    
Complete Season   
"Valerie 23" Full Episode (44:27)   
Valerie 23 (44:27)   
S01:E01  The Sandkings    
Complete Season   
"The Sandkings" Full Episode (1:32:38)   
The Sandkings (1:32:38)   

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