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Made in Spain

English  |  Food & Leisure
Remember PBS? They bring you “Sesame Street” and “Antiques Roadshow,” and they are the guys who allegedly have no commercials. Remember them? Struggling to keep its tenuous hold on the margins of viewers’ consciousness, holding at least a place discernible with peripheral vision, PBS now adds some spice for foodies. Starring on “Made in Spain,” real chef of DC Jose Andres “brings the exciting flavors of his native Spain to the American audience with easy and informative recipes created in his Washington, DC, kitchen using products found here in the U.S.” According to the PBS website, each episode presents an easy-to-follow recipe for a great Spanish dish, which would-be Spaniards can whip up in their own heartland kitchens. In addition to whetting your appetite for something spicy and savory, “Made in Spain” may trigger episodes of wanderlust, because it shows “treasured Spanish locations,” where each episode’s dishes originated. For a nation still convinced Taco Bell serves “authentic” Mexican food, “Made in Spain” may seem just a little too piquant for the palette, but Jose Andres himself may become one of America’s favorite ethnic dishes.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S01:E13  Red, Red Wine    
Complete Season   
"Red, Red Wine" Full Episode (24:38)   
"Apples Cooked in Wine" Clip (05:48)   
"Stew with Potatoes and Chorizo" Clip (01:54)   
"Fried Potato and Sausage Rolls" Clip (05:12)   
S01:E12  Food Arts    
Complete Season   
"Food Arts" Full Episode (24:38)   
"Cuttlefish with Rice" Clip (06:17)   
"Olive Tapa" Clip (05:45)   
"Tasting Spain" Clip (03:13)   
S01:E11  A Cultural and Culinary Capital    
Complete Season   
"A Cultural and Culinary Capital" Full Episode (24:38)   
"Salad from Madrid" Clip (05:23)   
"Fried Eggs and Chorizo" Clip (04:27)   
"Cocidos" Clip (03:39)   
S01:E10  Food for the Family    
Complete Season   
"Food for the Family" Full Episode (24:37)   
"Corn Tortas with Onion and Egg" Clip (05:26)   
"White Beans and Pork" Clip (02:43)   
"Cabrales Cheese and Apples" Clip (03:53)   
S01:E09  A Taste of the Sea    
Complete Season   
"A Taste of the Sea" Full Episode (24:38)   
"Scallops with Albarino Wine" Clip (04:44)   
"Spanish Omelet" Clip (05:11)   
"Mussels Two Ways" Clip (05:30)   
S01:E08  The Magic of Saffron and Cervantes    
Complete Season   
"The Magic of Saffron and Cervantes" Full Episode (24:38)   
"Rabbit Rice" Clip (05:49)   
"Honey in Toledo" Clip (03:14)   
"Manchego Cheese and Tomatoes" Clip (02:40)   
S01:E07  Earth, Wine and Fire    
Complete Season   
"Earth, Wine and Fire" Full Episode (24:40)   
"Txakoli Wine" Clip (02:10)   
"Wine and Cheese Soup" Clip (05:27)   
"Baby Squid with Carmelized Onions" Clip (04:49)   
S01:E06  Surf and Turf    
Complete Season   
"Surf and Turf" Full Episode (24:38)   
"Spanish Cocktail" Clip (06:42)   
"Shrimp in Catalonia" Clip (02:51)   
"Sausage, Catalonian Style" Clip (06:46)   
S01:E05  Tuna and Tapas    
Complete Season   
"Tuna and Tapas" Full Episode (24:37)   
"Ensaladilla Rusa" Clip (07:19)   
"Tuna with Piquillo Pepper Sauce" Clip (05:12)   
"Shrimp Tapas" Clip (04:00)   
S01:E04  Spain's Vegetable Garden    
Complete Season   
"Spain's Vegetable Garden" Full Episode (24:37)   
"White Asparagus Tapas" Clip (05:28)   
"A Shepherd's Feast" Clip (03:04)   
"Piquillo Pepper" Clip (05:33)   
S01:E03  The Sweet Spanish Center    
Complete Season   
"The Sweet Spanish Center" Full Episode (24:37)   
"Red Snapper and Strawberries" Clip (08:13)   
"A Festival and a Bullfight" Clip (02:53)   
"Spanish Pancakes" Clip (04:23)   
S01:E02  A Pilgrim's Progress in Food    
Complete Season   
"A Pilgrim's Progress in Food" Full Episode (24:38)   
"Flavors of Galicia" Clip (06:08)   
"Peppers of Padron" Clip (03:32)   
"Empanada" Clip (05:45)   
S01:E01  Made in Spain - COMPLETE SEASON 1    
Complete Season   
"How They Cook Back Home" Full Episode (24:36)   
"Monkfish in Asturias" Clip (03:58)   
"Arroz con Leche" Clip (01:42)   
"Percebes" Clip (04:32)   

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