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Japan: Memoirs of a Secret Empire

English  |  History & Documentary
If your interests run to exciting battles among fierce samurai and shogun warriors or the calming exotic and beautiful geisha in a historic period of time the PBS program titled Japan: Memoirs of a Secret Empire will most definitely be appealing. Going back to the sixteenth century in which Japan is seen to be a warlike society that is ruled by daimyo warlords and the violence committed by samurai warriors is a daily occurrence. In 1543 Portuguese merchants, who were the first Europeans to arrive in Japan, found themselves to be welcome as they set about converting that nation to Christianity. At the same time a low ranked daimyo family member was born and became a samurai called Tokugawa Ieyasu. He is held as a hostage during much of his childhood and when finally released takes claim on his family domain. Empires come and go but this one lasts for almost 250 years before peace and prosperity take the place of violent rulers who claim control over the lives of many. Once the isolation of this great country is overthrown they begin to prosper and modernize their way of life.
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S01:E03  The Return of the Barbarians    
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S01:E02  The Will of the Shogun    
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S01:E01  Japan: Memoirs of a Secret Empire    
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