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In Their Own Words

English  |  Sports
When it comes to believability it seems to be best coming “from the horse’s mouth” or directly from those we choose to listen to. In Their Own Words explores the most memorable and iconic speeches and collections of words from some of the most admired or otherwise appreciated people in history. Take the birth of the internet, how it was created and by whom (it’s not Al Gore). Even if you don’t own a computer the World Wide Web brought about vast changes in life as we know it today. Explore the story behind the inventions that changed our world. Whether it is the pathway leading up to September 11, 2001 or life in Tribeca, a neighborhood in New York City; iconic television programming like Saturday Night Live or the “birth” of MTV, we’ve lived through it, experienced it, yet so much detail is missed in the process. Watching it reenacted or filmed as it actually happened then viewed later, we appreciate recalling the memories even if they are not always all that pleasant.

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