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Final Witness

English  |  Crime & Thriller
Intriguingly balancing on the edge of documentary crime-storytelling and emotional movie-styled eye witnessing, Final Witness leaves weird feelings after the first watching. In the first hand we see, professionally gathered facts and witnesses about real life crimes combined in the proper timeline manner: the circumstances which have lead to criminal act, the actual criminal act itself, consequences of this perpetration and effects caused by it on victims entourage. On the other hand, the scenes are assembled in the movie-like way rising emotional essence to the high levels of hysteria; complementing the horrifying scenario by murdered victim’s narration from the first person. Although, all the described events really took place in the American cities from New Orleans to San Francisco, there is a kind of strange feeling originated from the series too emotional background, the feeling making unbelievable these rapes, murders and homicide acts are the real life events.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S01:E07  Wed, Aug 8, 2012    
"Wed, Aug 8, 2012" Full Episode (40:20)   
S01:E06  Wed, Aug 1, 2012    
"Wed, Aug 1, 2012" Full Episode (41:12)   
S01:E05  The Devil You Know    
"The Devil You Know" Full Episode (41:22)   
S01:E04  The Dead Talk    
"The Dead Talk" Full Episode (41:28)   
S01:E03  Fatal Devotion    
"Fatal Devotion" Full Episode (41:15)   
S01:E02  Graveyard Love    
Season 1 Episode 2: Graveyard Love   
"Wed, Jul 4, 2012" Full Episode (41:15)   
S01:E01  The Kids Aren’t Alright    
Season 1 Episode 1: The Kids Aren’t Alright   
"Wed, Jun 27, 2012" Full Episode (40:38)   

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