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Dog Whisperer

English  |  Food & Leisure
Aired in over eighty countries, and boasting well over 11 million American viewers, “The Dog Whisperer” proves that people love their dogs and Cesar Milan. Each week, self-taught professional dog trainer Cesar Milan shows how dog owners can and must become “pack leaders” for their dogs. He emphasizes exercise, discipline, and affection, and he stresses that the majority of canine misbehavior originates in owners’ failure to assert their leadership with their dogs. The disclaimers insist that “The Dog Whisperer” documents only how Milan rehabilitates problem dogs and is not intended as instruction in how to train a pet. Despite the caution, legions of viewers attest to the power and wisdom of Milan’s techniques. All three of Milan’s books have become New York Times best-sellers with worldwide sales totaling more than two million copies.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S08:E10  The Perfect Pet    
Complete Season   
The Perfect Pet (02:34)   
S08:E09  Sony's Sea Legs    
Complete Season   
Sony's Sea Legs (03:00)   
S08:E07  Learning the Leash    
Complete Season   
Learning the Leash (03:55)   
Chaotic Kisses (02:51)   
S08:E06  Overcoming a Fear of Dogs    
Complete Season   
Overcoming a Fear of Dogs (03:00)   
Reading Dog Behavior (02:43)   
S08:E05  Pit Bull Pull    
Complete Season   
Pit Bull Pull (02:47)   
Pit Puppy Lessons (03:46)   
S08:E04  Dog vs. Lawnmower    
Complete Season   
Dog vs. Lawnmower (02:26)   
Fear of the Uniform (03:00)   
S08:E03  Calming Presence    
Complete Season   
Calming Presence (01:25)   
S08:E02  Dog Anxiety    
Complete Season   
Dog Anxiety (02:57)   
Terrier Vs. Terrier (03:35)   
S08:E01  Brand New Bulldog    
Complete Season   
Brand New Bulldog (02:56)   
Bulldog in Trouble (03:22)   
S07:E15  Dong-Dong the Rescue    
Complete Season   
Dong-Dong the Rescue (03:00)   
S07:E14  Lex the Biter    
Complete Season   
Lex the Biter (02:53)   
S07:E13  Mufasa the Anxious    
Complete Season   
Mufasa the Anxious (04:52)   
S07:E12  Berkeley the Traveler    
Complete Season   
Berkeley the Traveler (04:05)   
S07:E11  Viper the Courageous    
Complete Season   
Viper the Courageous (03:28)   
S07:E10  Dog Paddle    
Complete Season   
Dog Paddle (02:51)   
S07:E09  Axl the Beach Bum    
Complete Season   
Axl the Beach Bum (04:26)   
S07:E08  Food Aggression    
Complete Season   
Food Aggression (04:34)   
S07:E07  Shadow-Chasing Dogs    
Complete Season   
Shadow-Chasing Dogs (04:56)   
S07:E05  Nervous Human, Nervous Dog    
Complete Season   
Nervous Human, Nervous Dog (04:42)   
S07:E04  Honoring the Wolf    
Complete Season   
Honoring the Wolf (04:33)   
S06:E12  Canine Pee Artist    
Complete Season   
Canine Pee Artist (04:04)   
S03:E19  Dog Whisperer: COMPLETE SEASON 3    
Complete Season   

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