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Bobby G: Adventure Capitalist

English  |  Business & Finance
If you have any interest at all in making money; how to do it, when to do it, and were best to find needed capital watch Bobby Genovese starring in the self titled Bobby G: Adventure Capitalist for an insiders guide to high finance. Bobby has an absolute craving for life and is the type of entrepreneur that can’t help make money. He’s a globetrotting, polo playing, scuba diver who treasures his privacy yet flaunts his business acumen throughout the world. Living life to the fullest we observe Bobby and his team both working and at play as they go about making money, lots of money. Marco comes from Italy and is the practical one to Bobby’s wild schemes. He is described as the Yin to Bobby’s Yang. Brent used to be Bobby’s lawyer but now swims with the big fish and looks to hit it big in the money game. Steve works on the Canadian end of business but it’s not all that easy as he finds out. Jerry is the CEO and pilot to Bobby G’s capital flagship. Together they work out complications with the Atlantis Project.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S01:E08  Adventure Capitalist: Smoke on the Water    
Complete Season   
"Adventure Capitalist: Smoke on the Water" Full Episode (24:57)   
S01:E07  Adventure Capitalist: Games People Play    
Complete Season   
"Adventure Capitalist: Games People Play" Full Episode (22:58)   
S01:E06  Adventure Capitalist: Winner Takes All    
Complete Season   
"Adventure Capitalist: Winner Takes All" Full Episode (23:49)   
S01:E05  Adventure Capitalist: Heat    
Complete Season   
"Adventure Capitalist: Heat" Full Episode (25:18)   
S01:E04  Adventure Capitalist: Faith, Hope and Charity    
Complete Season   
"Adventure Capitalist: Faith, Hope and Charity" Full Episode (24:22)   
S01:E03  Adventure Capitalist: Charades    
Complete Season   
"Adventure Capitalist: Charades" Full Episode (25:43)   
S01:E02  Adventure Capitalist: The Big Freeze    
Complete Season   
"Adventure Capitalist: The Big Freeze" Full Episode (24:32)   
S01:E01  Bobby G: COMPLETE SEASON 1    
Complete Season   
"Adventure Capitalist: Dead in the Water" Full Episode (24:52)   

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