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Being Erica

English  |  Comedy & Humor
The fact that some time travel is involved in the show, Being Erica, makes it necessary to employ at least one other actress to play the part of Erica Strange. She is sometimes seen as a twelve year old girl and that would be difficult for actress Erin Karpluk to accomplish. Erica is thirty two, Jewish, and still single. Although well educated she appears to be an underachiever who is in therapy and has been for years. Erica’s therapist, Dr. Tom Wexlar (portrayed by Michael Riley) works with her though often irritating her with mixed quotations that don’t really help her. Erica’s friends include Julianne (played by Reagan Pasternak) editor at the publishing company where Erica is most currently employed. The two eventually form a publishing company as co-owners and partners. Forth grade teacher and best friend, Ethan Wakefield, (played by Tyron Leitso) have been close since college. When he moves next door to Erica they become more than just best friends, resulting in his divorce, and complicating the friendship. Gary Strange (John Boylan) is Erica’s father, now a rabbi, but formerly a marijuana using hippie. Mom Barbara (Kathleen Laskey) who adds depth and a serious note to the program when she develops breast cancer.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S03:E13  Fa La Erica    
Complete Season   
"Fa La Erica" Full Episode (45:33)   
Fa La Erica (45:33)   
S03:E12  Erica, Interrupted    
Complete Season   
"Erica, Interrupted" Full Episode (45:16)   
Erica, Interrupted (45:16)   
S03:E11  Adams Family    
Complete Season   
"Adams Family" Full Episode (44:36)   
Adams Family (44:36)   
S03:E10  The Tribe Has Spoken    
Complete Season   
"The Tribe Has Spoken" Full Episode (45:07)   
The Tribe Has Spoken (45:07)   
S03:E09  Gettin' Wiggy Wit' It    
Complete Season   
"Gettin' Wiggy Wit' It" Full Episode (45:30)   
Gettin' Wiggy Wit' It (45:30)   
S03:E08  Physician, Heal Thyself    
Complete Season   
"Physician, Heal Thyself" Full Episode (45:08)   
Physician, Heal Thyself (45:08)   
S03:E07  Jenny from the Block    
Complete Season   
"Jenny from the Block" Full Episode (44:44)   
Jenny from the Block (44:44)   
S03:E06  Bear Breasts    
Complete Season   
"Bear Breasts" Full Episode (43:07)   
Bear Breasts (43:07)   
S03:E05  Being Adam    
Complete Season   
"Being Adam" Full Episode (44:11)   
Being Adam (44:11)   
S03:E04  Wash, Rinse, Repeat    
Complete Season   
"Wash, Rinse, Repeat" Full Episode (45:24)   
Wash, Rinse, Repeat (45:24)   
S03:E03  Two Wrongs    
Complete Season   
"Two Wrongs" Full Episode (44:33)   
Two Wrongs (44:33)   
S03:E02  Moving On Up    
Complete Season   
"Moving On Up" Full Episode (45:25)   
Moving On Up (45:25)   
S03:E01  The Rabbit Hole    
Complete Season   
"The Rabbit Hole" Full Episode (44:54)   
The Rabbit Hole (44:54)   
S02:E12  The Importance of Being Erica    
Complete Season   
"The Importance of Being Erica" Full Episode (45:21)   
The Importance of Being Erica (45:21)   
S02:E11  What Goes up Must Come Down    
Complete Season   
"What Goes up Must Come Down" Full Episode (45:15)   
What Goes up Must Come Down (45:15)   
"Erica's Diary: Stress Relief" Clip (01:57)   
Erica's Diary: Stress Relief (01:57)   
S02:E10  Papa Can You Hear Me?    
Complete Season   
"Papa Can You Hear Me?" Full Episode (45:17)   
Papa Can You Hear Me? (45:17)   
"Erica's Diary: Two Peas in a Pod" Clip (01:36)   
Erica's Diary: Two Peas in a Pod (01:36)   
S02:E09  A River Runs Through It... It Being Egypt    
Complete Season   
"A River Runs Through It... It Being Egypt" Full Episode (44:56)   
A River Runs Through It... It Be... (44:56)   
"Erica's Diary: Facebook" Clip (01:07)   
Erica's Diary: Facebook (01:07)   
S02:E08  Under My Thumb    
Complete Season   
"Under My Thumb" Full Episode (44:14)   
Under My Thumb (44:14)   
"Erica's Diary: Vair Impresses" Clip (01:43)   
Erica's Diary: Vair Impresses (01:43)   
S02:E07  The Unkindest Cut    
Complete Season   
"The Unkindest Cut" Full Episode (45:05)   
The Unkindest Cut (45:05)   
"Erica's Diary: Socks" Clip (01:09)   
Erica's Diary: Socks (01:09)   
S02:E06  Shhh... Don't Tell    
Complete Season   
"Shhh... Don't Tell" Full Episode (44:55)   
Shhh... Don't Tell (44:55)   
"Erica's Blog: The Pop-In" Clip (01:09)   
Erica's Blog: The Pop-In (01:09)   
S02:E05  Yes We Can    
Complete Season   
"Yes We Can" Full Episode (44:17)   
Yes We Can (44:17)   
"Erica's Diary: Barb" Clip (01:11)   
Erica's Diary: Barb (01:11)   
S02:E04  Cultural Revolution    
Complete Season   
"Cultural Revolution" Full Episode (44:06)   
Cultural Revolution (44:06)   
"Erica's Diary: Vair" Clip (01:25)   
Erica's Diary: Vair (01:25)   
S02:E03  Mama Mia    
Complete Season   
"Mama Mia" Full Episode (45:17)   
Mama Mia (45:17)   
"Erica's Diary: Phone Message" Clip (01:10)   
Erica's Diary: Phone Message (01:10)   
S02:E02  Battle Royale    
Complete Season   
"Battle Royale" Full Episode (45:04)   
Battle Royale (45:04)   
"Erica's Diary: She's Baaaack" Clip (01:22)   
Erica's Diary: She's Baaaack (01:22)   
S02:E01  Being Erica - COMPLETE SEASON 2    
Complete Season   
"Being Dr. Tom" Full Episode (45:13)   
Being Dr. Tom (45:13)   
S01:E13  Leo    
Complete Season   
"Leo" Full Episode (45:00)   
Leo (45:00)   
S01:E12  Erica the Vampire Slayer    
Complete Season   
"Erica the Vampire Slayer" Full Episode (45:24)   
Erica the Vampire Slayer (45:24)   
S01:E11  She's Lost Control    
Complete Season   
"She's Lost Control" Full Episode (45:24)   
She's Lost Control (45:24)   
S01:E10  Mi Casa, Su Casa Loma    
Complete Season   
"Mi Casa, Su Casa Loma" Full Episode (45:16)   
Mi Casa, Su Casa Loma (45:16)   
S01:E09  Everything She Wants    
Complete Season   
"Everything She Wants" Full Episode (44:52)   
Everything She Wants (44:52)   
S01:E08  This Be the Verse    
Complete Season   
"This Be the Verse" Full Episode (45:26)   
This Be the Verse (45:26)   
S01:E07  Such a Perfect Day    
Complete Season   
"Such a Perfect Day" Full Episode (44:43)   
Such a Perfect Day (44:43)   
S01:E06  Til Death    
Complete Season   
"Til Death" Full Episode (45:11)   
Til Death (45:11)   
S01:E05  Adultescence    
Complete Season   
"Adultescence" Full Episode (45:11)   
Adultescence (45:11)   
S01:E04  The Secret of Now    
Complete Season   
"The Secret of Now" Full Episode (45:05)   
The Secret of Now (45:05)   
S01:E03  Plenty of Fish    
Complete Season   
"Plenty of Fish" Full Episode (44:19)   
Plenty of Fish (44:19)   
S01:E02  What I Am Is What I Am    
Complete Season   
"What I Am Is What I Am" Full Episode (45:19)   
What I Am Is What I Am (45:19)   
S01:E01  Dr. Tom    
Complete Season   
"Dr. Tom" Full Episode (45:09)   
Dr. Tom (45:09)   
S00:Video  Webisode 11    
Complete Season   
"Webisode 11" Clip (1:24)   
S00:Video  Webisode 2    
Complete Season   
"Webisode 2" Clip (01:05)   
S00:Video  Webisode 1    
Complete Season   
"Webisode 1" Clip (01:18)   
S00:Video  Webisode 3    
Complete Season   
"Webisode 3" Clip (01:17)   
S00:Video  Webisode 4    
Complete Season   
"Webisode 4" Clip (01:04)   
S00:Video  Webisode 7    
Complete Season   
"Webisode 7" Clip (01:00)   
S00:Video  Webisode 10    
Complete Season   
"Webisode 10" Clip (00:56)   
S00:Video  Webisode 8    
Complete Season   
"Webisode 8" Clip (01:02)   
S00:Video  Webisode 9    
Complete Season   
"Webisode 9" Clip (01:18)   
S00:Video  Webisode 15    
Complete Season   
"Webisode 15" Clip (00:31)   
S00:Video  Webisode 5    
Complete Season   
"Webisode 5" Clip (01:22)   
S00:Video  Webisode 12    
Complete Season   
"Webisode 12" Clip (01:01)   
S00:Video  Webisode 14    
Complete Season   
"Webisode 14" Clip (01:35)   
S00:Video  Webisode 13    
Complete Season   
"Webisode 13" Clip (01:12)   
S00:Video  Erica's Diary: Rewriting My Legacy    
Complete Season   
"Erica's Diary: Rewriting My Legacy" Clip (01:04)   

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