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2011 Jul 08, Add new Source


English  |  Comedy & Humor
Zookeeper immediately deserves nomination for the “Cute” Hall of Fame. Or “precious” or “adorable” or one of those ever so warm and friendly adjectives that describe both people and animals you just want to hug with all your might. You must understand that the animals star in Zookeeper, and the people are the supporting cast. Naturally teddy-bearish Kevin James stars as Griffin Keyes, long-time zookeeper who doesn’t get out much. More at home with his critters than members of his own species, the zookeeper bravely resolves to leave the zoo and venture out into the bigger world, where he hopes, naturally enough, he can get a life and get a girl. When the animals ferret-out Griffin’s plan, they feel so desperately heart-broken they elect to break their “code of silence,” revealing not only that they can talk but also that they have quite a bit to say on questions of love, romance, and mating. Rosario Dawson plays Kate, “the girl.” The animals, of course, conspire to help their boy win the girl and to keep their happy family together. Seriously, how cute is that! Zookeeper features an exceptionally high-powered collection of voice talents: Adam Sandler plays a Capuchin monkey, Cher appropriately plays a lioness opposite Sylvester Stallone’s lion, Billy Crystal plays a llama, and the venerable Don Rickles gives us his very best frog. And that’s just the headliners. Zookeeper also has the strange distinction of going into the film history books as the last movie MGM studios wrapped before it went into bankruptcy. That part isn’t cute—just quirky.
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