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2011 Apr 08, Add new Source

Your Highness

English  |  Action & Adventure
Your Highness (2011). About rescuing fair damsels in distress… It’s a historic and predictable epic comedy that tells of the chivalry and bravery of handsome knights dashing about saving fair damsels who may be in distress. They do this even while slaying dragons and conquering the evil that was all around them back in those epic times. Times when even heroes occasionally had to put up with ne’er do well brothers who never seem to learn right from wrong. James Franco (as Prince Fabious) and Danny McBride (as weak willed brother Thadeous) pair up to defeat evil and save their realm, a fantasy land called Your Highness. When the Prince known as Fabious’s bride is stolen he sets out to rescue her from her kidnappers and the ever lazy and useless Thadeous follows along to help. The future princess Belladonna (Zooey Deschanel) awaits her fate as the bumbling brothers strive to save the day.
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