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2011 Jul 15, Add new Source

Winnie the Pooh

English  |  Animation & Cartoons
Beloved Winnie the Pooh is back in an all new 2011 movie... Many of us grew up knowing Winnie the Pooh and his merry band of friends. The sales of stuffed animals depicting the Pooh Bear have been in the millions and every book and movie about him has been a runaway hit. Bringing back Winnie the Pooh for an updated version of a beloved character was no easy task because it’s like holy ground that must be tread upon cautiously. Can’t screw up the Pooh! This is the first big Pooh movie in over thirty five years so it better be good. That’s why they tossed out the CG people and opted for Disney’s original hand-drawn type of animation we all know and love. Writer and playwright A.A. Milne said the idea of Pooh came from his son’s teddy bear which was named after a black bear from the London Zoo and a swan named Pooh. Milne’s stories and poems about Winnie the Pooh are classics. Ashdown Forest is the place where the real Christopher Robin spent his summer vacations and where the books were written by Milne.
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