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2011 Sep 09, Add new Source


English  |  Drama
Choreography, writing, acting, attitude, and some knowledge of the martial arts can make for an entertaining movie such as we find in the 2011 release of Warrior. Most “sports” related movies are too predictable and technical to make them entertaining enough to please a wide audience but this one covers nearly all the bases to make it a family oriented film. Even the addition of Nick Nolte as the father of a young man training for a mixed martial arts competitive tournament brings plenty of pathos and family values to the film. Nolte is a former boxer and an alcoholic whose two sons, played by Tom Hardy (Tom Conlon) and Joel Edgerton (playing Brendan Conlon) decide to become professional mixed martial arts fighters and ultimately compete against each other. Nolte (as Paddy Conlon) has his hands full with his own demons but tries to be of help for the sake of family ties. Also starring Jennifer Morrison (playing Tess Conlon), William Mapother (David Milligan), and Kurt Angle (as Koba) Warrior is filled with action and great fight sequences.
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