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2011 Dec 28, Add new Source

War Horse

English  |  War & Western
Derived from a World War I based children’s novel and a stage adaptation with the same title, War Horse is the story of a horse and the boy named Albert who loves him. Rural Europe and England are the background for the story of a horse whose name is Joey. He performed as a soldier in the first World War and the story follows his travels as the war grinds on, inspiring and changing the lives of those around him. British and German soldiers as well as a French farmer and his grand daughter each are inspired by the brave animal. The Great War is experienced through the eyes of this steadfast horse who was ripped away from the boy who loved him. High adventure as well as sorrow and joy are part of the odyssey we view through this inspiring story. War Horse will make you laugh and cry and in the capable hands of Steven Spielberg (Academy Award winner for Saving Private Ryan and Schindler’s List) you know it will create memories of a lifetime for all who see this film.
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