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2011 Feb 18, Add new Source


English  |  Drama
Liam Neeson stars in Unknown movie, an action thriller focused on a tale of mistaken identity and sinister intrigue. Horror film parvenu Jaume Collet-Sera directed Unknown movie, this time working to develop suspense rather than terror. Neeson plays Dr. Martin Harris, who comes back into consciousness after a Berlin traffic accident, discovering his wife no longer recognizes him, and a mystery man apparently has purloined his identity. Among the unknowns in the movie’s pre-release buzz: what it is about Dr. Harris that makes his identity so valuable. Whatever his exceptional value, assassins stalk the genuine Dr. Harris while authorities refuse to believe or assist him. Naturally, Dr. Harris grows more desperate as he discovers just how completely alone and bereft of resources or plans he really us. “Aided by an unlikely ally,” as the studio says, Dr. Harris intrepidly digs into the mystery, sometimes questioning his sanity, and frequently testing the limits of his endurance and conscience. January Jones of “MadMen” fame plays his wife; Diane Kruger plays “the taxi driver.”
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