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2010 Dec 03, Add new Source

The Warrior’s Way

English  |  Action & Adventure
“The Warrior’s Way” challenges: Can you survive the love to get to the action?... Who wouldn’t want to see Kate Bosworth playing a bad-girl knife thrower in a ninja movie? After all, late adolescent boys can live on reruns of “Blue Crush” for only so long. In “The Warrior’s Way” movie, Dong-gun Jang stars as a ninja assassin—reputedly “the world’s greatest swordsman”-- grown weary of his deadly craft. When the assassin turns down an assignment, his warrior clan expresses its displeasure by ordering him killed. Naturally, the swordsman seeks sanctuary in the American badlands, where the locals will hardly notice a Korean newcomer in town. Just as naturally, the newcomer falls in love with the knife-thrower and befriends the town drunk—happens every day in the Dakotas. Naturally, the three of them save the swordsman and their town, and audiences may assume they Ginsu happily ever after. After pre-release screenings of “The Warrior’s Way” movie audiences generally agreed with the reviewer who said, “If you can bear the hour of ‘love story’ and the bad acting that goes with it, you can get to some really fun action scenes. Some awesome effects and fighting will jolt you from much of the boredom.” When it’s all over, “The Warrior’s Way” leaves the average guy wondering, “How much do I really like Kate Bosworth?”
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