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2011 Oct 14, Add new Source

The Thing

English  |  Horror & Suspense
One thing those involved agreed upon was they did not want to simply remake a great spooky classic like 1982’s The Thing by John Carpenter or even its predecessor The Thing From Another World from 1951. We don’t need to remake classics like Jaws or The Exorcist and The Thing is another that is better off leaving intact as it was so perfectly done initially. But this is more a prequel and as such does not step on the original. This story involves the same characters but with a somewhat different timeline and plot because these are the same ones already dead when the original movie began. Now we learn their side of the rather spooky story about the wolf like apparition that consumes its prey then assumes their identity completely. Starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Live Free or Die Hard, Make it Happen) as Kate Lloyd, a paleontologist who joins up with the Norwegian team of scientists who happened to stumble upon an extraterrestrial space ship that’s crash landed in Antarctica. The pilot, Carter, who is played by Joel Edgerton from Separation City, Smokin’ Aces teams with the crew to stop the alien creature that assumes the form of anything it eats and then becomes them to fool humans and take over. This is what “could have happened” if the 1982 version took another path and one of the best non-remakes to come along in a while.
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