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2011 Jul 29, Add new Source

The Smurfs

English  |  Animation & Cartoons
That evil wizard Gargamel is after the cute little blue guys again and when he chases them from their magical village they end up tumbling into our world. Central Park is the setting for a Smurfs invasion of sorts and the little guys are frightened by everything around them. After all, each Smurf is only about three apples high and this is THE Big Apple! Now they must find a way to get back to the village they love and must keep Gargamel from finding them. CG animation and 3D make this live action film a smash hit with all ages. Director Raja Gosnell (Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Scooby Doo) steers this animated adventure to box office success. Actors include Neil Patrick Harris (the Harold and Kumar movies, Doogie Howser, MD), Hank Azaria (Love and Other Drugs, Year One), and Jayma Mays (Epic Movie, Paul Blart: Mall Cop). Voice contributors include the talented Jonathan Winters, Paul Reubens, George Lopez, Katy Perry, Alan Cumming, and Jeff Foxworthy. We will be rooting for the little blue guys to persevere and find their way back home.
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