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2011 Mar 18, Add new Source

The Lincoln Lawyer

English  |  Crime & Thriller
The Lincoln Lawyer (2011) is an film adaptation of Michael Connelly’s novel written and published in 2005. The Lincoln Lawyer movie’s plot is loosely based and showcases the life and job of criminal defense attorney Mickey Haller conducting his business from the backseat of the Lincoln Town Car driven by his formerly client who works off his legal fees as a Mickey Haller’s driver. The movie centers on an unusual case of Louis Roulet, a Los Angeles real estate agent and a son of major businessman, who seems to be mistakenly accused in rape and attempt to murder his female “victim”. Among the Mickey’s cases of drug dealers, narco-barons and other wide-range “innocent” criminals, the Louis Roulet’s defense seems to be an easy job of justification of innocent man. But this case starts an unpredictable chain of events immersing Haller in the deadly game with the one question arise: how to survive? As it was said by Michael Connelly, who has written “The Lincoln Lawyer” novel: “A couple days ago I saw an unfinished cut of it and could not be happier…. Those who loved the book will love the movie, I think. Those who don't know the book will love it just the same.” So, there is the case and the question for us to decide: can we trust Michael Connelly?
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