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2012 Feb 03, Add new Source

The Innkeepers

English  |  Horror & Suspense
With the old inn about to close its door for the final time Luke and Claire are determined to prove the place is haunted. So they go ghost hunting but some disturbing events scare them to the bones. The terrifying results of their investigation come to life in the form of past guests returning for a final stay. Written and directed by Ti West, highly respected for his work on The House of the Devil and Trigger Man, also acting in several of his movies. The story is “edge of your seat” scary and will keep audiences caught up all the way through. Sara Paxton (Superhero Movie, The Last House on the Left) plays desk clerk Claire, Luke, another desk clerk at the inn is played by Pat Healy from Harmony and Me, Spooner. Kelly McGillis from Top Gun and At First Sight plays Leanne Rease-Jones and the old man is played by George Riddle (Flannel Pajamas, The Superagent). If you like to be scared and kept that way until films end, check this one out!
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