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2012 Feb 24, Add new Source

The Forgiveness of Blood

English  |  Drama
Making it into somewhat of a Hatfields vs the McCoys story told Albanian style is The Forgiveness of Blood. Territorial rights along with family honor are long traditions of many nations and in this film we find that conflicts over land owned by families for generations never seem to become resolved, resulting in violence and a blood feud may be the result. Joshua Marston and Albanian Andamion Murataj weave a tale that is absorbing and honest, comparing old fashioned laws and rules against the younger generation’s more modern approach to those age old traditions. Mark, played by Refet Abazi (The Berlin Project) is a bread delivery man who uses a horse and cart on his daily route. When he is killed because he trespasses on land as he travels his daily route, the daughter Rudina, played by newcomer Sindi Lacej, must set aside her high school life and take over the route which is the family livelihood. An age old tale of property dispute and family traditions, The Forgiveness of Blood is an absorbing story of old verses new ways of life in Albania.
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