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2011 Dec 23, Add new Source

The Darkest Hour

English  |  Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Written and filmed from the Russians perspective, The Darkest Hour is about aliens invading Russia instead of the U.S. as we usually see. And when aliens attack nowadays they hit the electronics first thing because they seem to realize that is our weakest link and the most vital element of life here on earth. Aliens conquer earth swiftly and totally by frying the electronic grid, then hunting down the pathetic and disorganized survivors who scurry like rats from the destruction and mayhem. Russians and five young American tourists band together in hopes of finding a way to overpower the alien forces and survive. A cooperative effort, The Darkest Hour’s director Chris Gorak (Right at your Door) and combined cast including Joel Kinnaman (TV series The Killing, Easy Money), Emile Hirsch (Taking Woodstock, Speed Racer), and Rachael Taylor (TV series Grey’s Anatomy, Summer Coda). Producer Timur Bekmambetov was determined to make this sci-fi horror film centered in Russia rather than an international incident or one that was, as usual, occurring in the U.S. only. It works well with the 3D aspect.
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