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2011 Aug 05, Add new Source

The Change-Up

English  |  Comedy & Humor
Jason Bateman (Couples Retreat, Silver Spoons) and Ryan Reynolds (The Proposal, Blade: Trinity) are the stars of director David Dobkin’s (Wedding Crashers) movie The Change-Up and they try their best to prove it can be done. Changing bodies that is. When one is happily married and the other is lagging behind in matters of evolvement. How can the eternal bachelor settle down and become happy with just one woman? Jason Bateman is Dave, an overworked attorney and the father of three with a loyal wife with whom he has a close and settled relationship. His pal Mitch (Ryan Reynolds) has never been married and is in no hurry to go there either. But he sees that his buddy has it all… wife kids and as a lawyer has a secure high paying job. But when they suddenly wake up in each other’s body they freak out. Soon each learns what makes the other “click” and realizes the life they thought as perfect in each other is not exactly how it appears. Can they get their old life back before totally destroying their best friend’s life? Also stars Olivia Wilde and Alan Arkin.
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