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2011 Nov 23, Add new Source

The Adventures of Tintin

English  |  Animation & Cartoons
With the combined talent of director Steven Spielberg (Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan) and producer Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings Trilogy, King Kong (2005)) plus a stellar cast, this is one movie that can be appreciated by everyone who goes to movies. Based on a comic book series The Adventures of Tintin, and filmed in animated 3D, they’ve taken the story from three in the series, The Crab with the Golden Claws, Red Rackham’s timely Treasure, and The Secret of the Unicorn. Voices are provided by Jamie Bell (King Kong, Flags of our Fathers) as the comic strip character Tintin, Daniel Craig (Cowboys & Aliens, Quantum of Solace) gives voice to Red Rackham, and Simon Pegg (Star Trek (2009), Mission Impossible: III). Tintin finds he has a famous ancestor in Sir Francis Haddock and they set off to find a treasure left behind. With protection from an escaped prisoner they go after the treasure while a pare of inept detectives try as well.
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