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2011 Mar 04, Add new Source

The Adjustment Bureau

English  |  Crime & Thriller
In the action packed thriller The Adjustment Bureau, we find that smooth talking politicians with ambition like David Norris has may well be endangered and end up in the hands of “Fate”. Men will do just about anything possible to keep Norris and his beautiful new companion Elise (played by Emily Blunt) from becoming close. Norris (Matt Damon) who is the winning contender for a U.S. Senate seat needs to decide how much he wants her or be placed in the hands of Fate. Story line is based loosely on a short story (Adjustment Team) written by Philip K. Dick and is action packed from the opening scenes. Filmed in Manhattan, the movie takes full advantage of the sights and sounds of an active city where politics takes top billing. Elise is a ballet dancer who may be caught up in the intrigue or a part of it. The Adjustment Bureau seems to be determined to keep her and her rising star politician from romantic involvement… but why? Filled with car chases, crashes, and mystery, this 2011 movie is one to experience and enjoy.
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