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2011 Mar 04, Add new Source

Take Me Home Tonight

English  |  Comedy & Humor
It’s the 80’s in Los Angeles and life seems good. Plenty of cocaine and cash keep the younger set in a party mood and Take Me Home Tonight is what everybody seems to want. Matt Franklin (Topher Grace), a grad from MIT, decides his high paying job is not enough to satisfy and instead takes a job working in a video store as a clerk. Now his parents think he has “flipped out” for sure. He wants his dream girl, Teresa (Tori Frederking) to notice him and things take on a decidedly explosive twist in one night of excessive festivity at a Labor Day party weekend. Matt’s best friend, Barry, has been fired and Wendy, his sister, has plans to marry a boring boyfriend named Kyle but all this only makes his own personal crisis seem larger since his beloved Teresa is back in his sights. It all comes to a head when too many excesses prove to have explosive results. Depicting heavy drug use, though common in the 80’s, nearly kept Take Me Home Tonight from completion with moral standards of today but Brian Grazer and Ron Howard (Imagine Entertainment) saved the day and many of the cut scenes.
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