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2011 Jun 10, Add new Source

Super 8

English  |  Sci-Fi & Fantasy
The trailer-teasers for Super 8 inspire millions more questions than they answer, but they do give lots of proof the “old Spielberg magic” is on the comeback trail. Super 8’s characters, suspense, and imagery strongly remind veteran dreamworkers of ET and Jurassic Park—strangely scary yet still kid-friendly. For all that they tantalize, though, the Super 8 trailers preserve the film’s secrets. The State Department and CIA should study in the J.J. Abrams School of Secret-Keeping; even the WikiLeaks guys would struggle to dig up much more than the trailer’s suggestion that a bunch of cute and cool kids have to deal with an “unknown incredible creature.” All we really know is that, in the small Ohio town, just about everything that can blow up will blow up. Oh yeah, and we know the kids will film everything on their super-8 movie camera. Super 8 may go into Hollywood history as the movie with sibling rivalry in the sub-text. Elle Fanning, Dakota’s younger sister, and Amanda Michalka, Allyson’s sister, come out of the big kids’ shadows and into their own, proving they have talent and skills. The big kids should feel very afraid. Gabriel Basso, the one child star without famous siblings but who may be a direct descendant of Tom Sawyer, continues the tradition of impish, resourceful Spielberg boy-heroes. Kyle Chandler, uber-dad from “Friday Night Lights,” brings that same manly command to Super 8, reassuring everyone that everything will be okay.
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