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2011 Aug 19, Add new Source

Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World

English  |  Action & Adventure
Mom’s going back to work once again. Jessica Alba (Little Fockers, Valentine’s Day) is dedicated mom Marissa Cortez Wilson and she’s on a mission. Apparently there is a mad villain who is determined to stop time as we know it. So with the able assistance of the Spy Kids time will be spared. The series of Spy Kids movies (written, directed, and produced by Robert Rodriguez) has been a huge success with the younger crowd since the first one came to the big screen back on the 30th of March 2001. Spy parents beget spy kids and they all work together to save the earth in one way or another. Even an uncle who’s named Machete is involved because he is the supplier of amazing gadgets for the OSS. This go around we find the Spy Kids have their work cut out for them as they attempt to overthrow and outwit the evil villain who wants time to stop for himself and everyone on the planet Earth. Let’s hope they are successful!
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