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2011 Apr 01, Add new Source

Source Code

English  |  Action & Adventure
Captain Colter Stevens thinks he’s just an ordinary former soldier until he awakens inside the body of a man unknown to him. Jake Gyllenhall (Brokeback Mountain) portrays the decorated soldier that is chosen for a unique mission to find a bomber who sets off a bomb on a Chicago commuter train. The mission is a government experimental program, called Source Code, which enables Stevens to re-live the explosion again and again until he gathers enough clues to solve the bombing mystery before the bomber creates a much bigger catastrophe and kills millions in down town Chicago. As part of a secret operation dubbed Beleaguered Castle, Colter Stevens figures he must be involved in some sort of simulation exercise with the goal of capturing the bomber before even more mayhem is created. This is not a game and the soldier must work fast to find the murderer on the train before it’s too late.
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