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2011 May 06, Add new Source

Something Borrowed

English  |  Comedy & Humor
As movies go, Something Borrowed stays remarkably faithful to Emily Giffin’s breakout best-seller, the movie’s inspiration. Darcy, engaged to Dex, whose despicable behaviour must be forgiven in deference to the plot, throws a thirtieth birthday party for her very-very best friend Rachel. At party’s end, perpetual good-girl Rachel ends-up in bed with Dex; and to no one’s surprise except her own, Rachel subsequently finds herself constitutionally incapable of lettingh it go as a one-night stand. Give props to Ginnifer Goodwin as Rachel and Kate Hudson as Darcy, who hold their positions in the movie’s unsteady love triangle with painstaking attention to the poignancy and precariousness of their situation as both best friends and bitter rivals. Of course, as her affair with Dex continues, Rachel finds herself torn between devotion to her still-engaged, still-oblivious best friend and her genuine affection for her pet philanderer. While Giffin’s book rode the top of the charts, critics wrote, “Something Borrowed… will have you laughing, crying, and calling your best friend.” Plan for the same reaction to the movie.
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