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2012 Feb 29, Add new Source


English  |  Crime & Thriller
A murder ring, consisting of four Southern Australian men, were convicted of murdering at least twelve people between 1991 and 1999. They used knives, rope, as well as a double barreled shotgun to kill then sawed some bodies up, stuffed them into barrels and added acid to dissolve the evidence. It’s difficult to imagine a more heinous group of humans who tortured and then killed others for their social security and pension money or simply because they didn’t like their way of life. Some of the victims were apparently gay or obese or even drug users and were known by their murderers. Most of the bodies were stored in an old bank building in Snowtown and a few more were found buried in a Salibury North backyard. John Justin Bunting, a psychopathic killer, was the apparent leader of the group and has been sentenced to multiple life terms. The other members of the “death squad” include Robert Joe Wagner who allowed Bunting to talk him into participating in the murder spree. Also Mark Ray Haydon, who helped dispose of the bodies and James Spyridon Vlassakis who, along with his half brother and his mother, were found guilty of torturing and murdering several of the victims. The film is made even more gruesome by the fact it is based on fact!
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