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2011 Feb 04, Add new Source


English  |  Action & Adventure
James Cameron returns to the sea, showing in three dimensions how a deep-sea cave-diving team descends into a previously unexplored cave system—the largest, most beautiful, most complex, and least accessible on Earth. There, explorers suddenly face the challenge to become survivors. Adapted from the real-life adventure of the screenplay’s co-writer, Andrew Wight, Sanctum movie pays homage to the ocean’s sublimity before it tears the mask off its monumental power. Richard Roxburgh, suitably daring and dashing, plays expedition leader Frank McGuire, who skillfully leads the team through months of exploration until a tropical storm cuts-off their exit, forcing them deeper into the caves in search of an escape. Struggling against raging water, short supplies, and inchoate terror, McGuire, his son Josh, and prominent financier Carl Hurley must make their way through a magnificent and menacing maze hoping against hope they will survive. Cameron had to work his magic on a relatively modest $30million budget, but director Alister Grierson and cinematographer Jules O’Loughlin bring out the best in the fine ensemble cast and make the most of Mother Nature’s dramatic setting.
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