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2011 Oct 07, Add new Source

Real Steel

English  |  Sci-Fi & Fantasy
It is sometime in the near future and the sport of boxing is more popular than ever. When boxer Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman of Wolverine and X-Men movie fame) loses out on his opportunity to become the Champion when the sport is taken over by robots, he decides to build one that can be a contender. With his son’s help they work out a plan to make the best high-tech boxing robot. Kenton’s son Max (Dakota Goyo of Thor and Resurrecting the Champ) is young and eager to help the father he has been estranged from. This film is a wild action packed ride that pits eight foot tall two thousand pound steel pugilists against each other. Taking all the human emotion out of the sport, we find robots can really box but who cares which one wins now? The stakes are high for Charlie Kenton and his son as they piece together scrap metal and low end bots to create the next great contender. Also starring Evangeline Lilly, Karl Yune, and James Rebhorn.
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