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2010 Dec 17, Add new Source

Rabbit Hole

English  |  Drama
The Rabbit Hole movie’s pivotal event, the gut-wrenching and heart-numbing tragedy that sends Becca and Howie Cotbett down the rabbit hole, is over and done before the movie begins: Their four-year-old son has run out into the street, been hit by a teen-age driver, and died. Rabbit Hole movie deals with the more complicated, considerably more disturbing question, “Then what?” Adapted from a Pulitzer Prize winning play that enjoyed a long and distinguished run on Broadway, Rabbit Hole literally “speaks to” grown-up audiences willing to listen to the nuances in the dialogue—the language of psychotherapy laced with bitter sarcasm and fierce rage. Nicole Kidman does not merely star in Rabbit Hole movie; she makes it her personal tour de force, playing Becca with all the brittle delicacy of Wedgewood china and all the fevered intensity of a serial killer. The marquee proclaims Aaron Eckhart also stars, but he really is the fern and baby’s breath to Kidman’s flourishing rose bouquet. Howie cheats on his wife, and Becca stalks their baby’s killer, and somehow they convince themselves and the audience that really they are just a couple of struggling suburbanites “trying to find their way back to a life that still holds the potential for beauty, laughter and happiness.” Rabbit Hole movie director John Cameron Mitchell drains away the film’s melodrama and pathos by rendering it in “drab, functional, TV-movie naturalism,” making it beguiling and terrifying. Through Mitchell’s lens, the horrific events and overwhelming emotions seem exceptionally familiar and perfectly ordinary. Rabbit Hole terrifies everyday Cineplex audiences, forcing them to recognize just how easily they might become Becca and Howie.
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