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2011 Oct 28, Add new Source

Puss in Boots

English  |  Action & Adventure
This time around Puss in boots is preparing to enter a sword fight with Shrek and some of his friends. The accented voice of Antonio Banderas is back and in fine form with plenty to say about Shrek while learning how to battle like a big cat. His best defense seems to be his personality, which he turns on at the drop of a hat or whenever he needs to get out of a stick situation. He stares with an innocent expression that is wide eyed wonderment, all designed to soften the heart of any enemy. It seldom works. He and Donkey try to persuade Shrek to help get from place to place because they need his bulk and arrogance. King Harold hires Puss in Boots to assassinate Shrek that soon fails when Puss gags on a hair ball. As a swashbuckler Puss in Boots has much to learn and he has more romantic ideas in mind that require far less energy. Other voices include Billy Bob Thornton (Mr. Woodcock, The Astronaut Farmer), Salma Hayek (Lonely Hearts, Grown Ups), and Amy Sedaris (TV series Hot in Cleveland and The New Adventures of Old Christine).
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