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2011 Apr 29, Add new Source


English  |  Comedy & Humor
Think of Prom as High School Musical with heavy doses of teen-aged angst. Summarizing Prom in frighteningly reductive terms, Disney says, “A group of teenagers get ready for their high school prom,” and the producers list it simultaneously as “comedy” and “drama.” If you read only that description, you easily could conclude Prom dramatizes debutantes’ struggles with mascara and up-dos. To her everlasting credit, Aimee Teegarden, veteran of heavy high school drama in “Friday Night Lights,” goes a long way toward redeeming Prom from its awkward identity crisis. With a properly delicate and ironic touch, Ms. Teegarden effectively captures every sophisticated senior’s inchoate recognition that “valedictory” means farewell and “commencement” is a synonym for “see ya.” Nova, Ms. Teegarden’s allegorically named character, recognizes her pet antagonist probably is the ideal prom date, heavy on the fun factor and devoted to keeping rented tuxedos and poofy dresses in perspective. The unlikely pair contrasts sharply with Mei and Tyler, swept-away sweethearts, who wrestle with conscience and logistics as they work to wring every last micro-gram of meaning and romance from “the biggest night of their lives.” Set for release the last weekend of April, 2011, Prom may or may not set the tone for the Class of 2011’s dining and dancing extravaganzas, but it surely will provide invaluable fashion and etiquette tips.
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