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2012 Mar 16, Add new Source

Mirror Mirror

English  |  Action & Adventure
Another fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm finds superstar Julia Roberts vying for the attention of the charming prince portrayed by Armand “Armie” Hammer. She is a wicked enchantress, Queen Clementianna who finds herself in a competition over a young orphan’s throne and the affection of the handsome young prince Andrew Alcott. Beauty wins out in this theatrical version just as it did in the fairy tale and soon the young Snow White is exiled to the forest where man eating beasts want to make dinner out of her. The orphan Snow White is played by Lily Collins (90210, The Blind Side), Armie Hammer (The Social Network, Billy: The Early Years) is Prince Andrew Alcott, Julia Roberts (Pretty Woman, Sleeping With the Enemy) portrays Queen Clementianna, Brighton is played by Nathan Lane of The Bird Cage, Nicholas Nickleby. Filmed in Montreal, Quebec Mirror Mirror brings a famous fairy tale to life with a fresh new look at an age old competition between maturity and fresh blossoming beauty.
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