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2011 Oct 28, Add new Source

In Time

English  |  Sci-Fi & Fantasy
It’s far into the future and due to an overpopulate planet desperate measures must be put to use in order to survive. Now we find that people will have to pay if they wish to live past the age of 25. Seems the gene that ages us has been successfully switched off and people stop aging when they reach the ripe old age of 25. There is a clock stamped on each person’s arm that dictates how long that individual will live. Time is a precious commodity that now is seen as the currency by which life is able to be sustained and even to accumulate any form of luxury and necessity. Rich will then be able to live on forever while those who have little find their lives cut short. We find that a poor young man who has been accused of a murder is seemingly doomed until he inherits a vast fortune in time from an upper class dead man. Time keepers are corrupt police who catch those who are rewarded with extra time such as the case of the young accused man and they aim to end his time and his life as well.
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