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2010 Dec 03, Add new Source

I Love You, Phillip Morris

English  |  Comedy & Humor
“I Love You, Phillip Morris” movie takes a cop out of the closet and directly to jail—a love story…Jim Carey plays Steven Russell, happily married and safely closeted local law enforcement officer devoted to clean Christian living and keeping up appearances in the neighborhood. As “I Love You, Phillip Morris” opens, officer Russell culminates his spare-time search for the mother who gave him up at birth; mom kept his older and younger siblings. Mom wants nothing to do with him, and adding injury to the insult, Russell suffers a terrible car crash. The one-two punches inspire him to abandon his former life, and Russell embraces the gay lifestyle with zest and gusto. Discovering gay extravagance comes with big price tags, Russell discovers his proficiency as a con man…until he ends up in jail, where he meets Phillip Morris. Ewan McGregor brilliantly plays Phillip Morris, the love of Russell’s life. And, then, the drama begins. Dealing unabashedly with homosexuality, “I Love You, Phillip Morris” might have inspired boycotts, protests, and a great deal of unpleasantness. Thanks to Carey’s and McGregor’s sensitive, poignant portrayal of the characters and the script’s ample good humor, “I Love You, Phillip Morris” is just a really good movie about a couple of men in love.
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