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2011 Jul 08, Add new Source

Horrible Bosses

English  |  Comedy & Humor
Whenever the big screen gathers together a cast like this one, it can only mean a fun filled and entertaining time for the audiences who will fill up the theaters around the globe. Jennifer Anniston (Friends, The Break-Up) is a promiscuous dentist, Jason Bateman (Arrested Development) and Colin Farrell (Minority Report, Miami Vice), and Jamie Foxx (Ray, Miami Vice) head up an extremely talented cast. Things do not go well for a group of friends who set about planning how to murder their “horrible bosses” because they stand in the way of happiness. Kevin Spacey, Julie Bowen, and Donald Sutherland are also among the cast of Horrible Bosses, lending star power to the promising film. Horrible Bosses might be a dedication to the many stories about how horrible some bosses treat their employees even though they somehow have been put in charge of each of their employee’s daily life. Those sad stories regarding how evil some of our bosses have been and how they seem to revel in the pain and hurt feelings of their minions makes them perfect targets for revenge…. and a fun plot for a movie as well.
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